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Patch 1.534 has been released. The client will automatically download and install the update upon launch.

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* Flux wave now affected by enhancements.
* The Nexus Node no longer has the hitbox of a moon (wait... that's no moon!).
* Tweaked K'luth cannon ranges slightly. This should bring them more towards the ranges we intended them to fight at.
* Changed "Wait VB" to "Vertical Sync" in the options. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
* Fixed an issue with the K'luth Dreadnought death animation.
* Removed legacy [DEMO ACCOUNT] from welcome message.
* New weapon and gagdet layouts for all player-faction Frigates.
* Ship capture code fixed.
* Mining beam synchronization problem fixed, this should fix the cargo bug along with issues causing the client to crash when docking a bugged ship.
* Structure upgrade system fixed.
* Buffed the Flux Cannon significantly.
* Fixed an issue with the EMP Cannon. Should now do siginficantly less damage.
* Fixed issue with rapid fire weapons at low energy.
* Wormholes can no longer be used while cloaked.
* Shakedown cruises finished, bridge officers trained, deploying commands.
* Gadget button mouse actions have been reversed. Left clicking on a gadget button now targets the gadget, right clicking now uses the gadget.
* Added Defense Mode to ICC shields. When active, shields gain:
* 4x regeneration
* 8x energy drain

* Release: June 13th, 2010
* [WEB] Solved issue with fleet forums not being created or maintained.
* HOTFIX: Fixed trail color enhancements.
* Release: June 16th, 2010
* HOTFIX: Fixed jump gate links in MV.
* Released: June 20th, 2010
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