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Patch 1.533 has been released. The client will automatically download and install the update upon launch.

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* Ignores are immediate and work in-game now.
* Added support to the rendering engine for light priority levels.
* Fixed bug with ship trails.

In development:
* Rescale all ships to respective sizes in Development guide.
* Rework of all ship layouts.
* New missiles.

In planning:
* Missions which allow players to gain bonus prestige, enhancements, and other rewards.
* Grouping system which allows players to form groups within their faction in-game. Grouped players share stat gains in all stats categories based on the rank of the player.
* Total rework of the planetary system. This is an ongoing project, the first stint of which involves a large change to the way planets are captured.
* Single server map. Removing the cluttered server list we have now in replacement with a single server of which players can progressively move around.
* Badges to allow access to new factions.
* Optional interface additions to decrease the learning curve.

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