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Below you can find the patch note to the 1.4 release

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Global Unity moved to T3
All colonization techs and culture building techs got their price reduced
Vasari LRF tech cost fixed
TEC extra logistic slots tech now gives 4 slots (from 3)
Research speed at fastest game setting +5%
Advent shield projection (hangar) and turret synergy moved down in tech tree

Advent turrets max mitigation set to 30% (from 60%)
Dead roids now can have up to 12 logistic slots with planetary upgrades

Basic HW income increased:
Crystal mining facility now provides double the yields
Homeworld upgrade now provides 4 credits (from 1),on your original Terran world. Lvl 2 provides 1.8 crystal & 0.3 metall (from 0.8/0.2)
Homeworld upgrade on all other planets now provides 6 credits (from 4)

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