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Patch 14.0 from 04/17/2021 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 14.0 from 04/17/2021 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Leeekaaa, Norinke

ATTENTION! Before installing patch 14, you need to:

1. COMPLETELY delete the unit_models, unit_sprites, unit_sprite folders located at:
M2TW\mods\Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5\data\unit_models
M2TW\mods\Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5\data\unit_sprites
M2TW\mods\Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5\data\unit_sprite

2. COMPLETELY delete the unit_info and units folders at:
M2TW\mods\Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5\data\ui\unit_info
M2TW\mods\Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5\data\ui\units

DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

* After installing the patch It is necessary in BS_Setup: either turn on the "Founding of Dynasties" or turn it off. (The checkmark must be on one of two items!).

MPORTANT! BGRIV needs updating after patch 14! The rest of the dlc scripts needed to be updated after patch 13.

Link for downloading Patch 14.0 for BS 2.1.5 (was deleted - because FInal Version was released)

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for Patch 14.0) (was deleted - because FInal Version was released)

Patch and translation are cumulative! *(contain all previous)

Changelog of Patch 14.0:

- New unit - Italian knights (Foot and horse)
- New unit - Knights of Volhynia and Galicia (Foot and horse)
- a new model of the standard-bearer for the knights of Volhynia and Galicia
- removed late firearms, late pikemen and "dragoon" cavalry with muskets due to inconsistency with the era
- new unit - Mankurt - Mongols and Cumans
- new unit - Light Polovtsian cavalry
- New model of the Stradiots of Venice
- New model of Akinci Turkey
- Added Claymore (Author's Okzersal) Scottish Noble with bronze upgrade
- Fixed recruitment / upkeep values ​​for general guard and European knighthood
- re-cleaned the mod - 1.5 GB of space freed (up to 7GB that were cleaned earlier)
- Fixed crashes on units Mercenary Frankish Knights, Swordsmen of Swabia, Halberdiers near Venice, Polish Knights, etc.
- fixed "silver" textures for the British Rebel Light Infantry
- Made edits to resource locations for early and late campaign maps
- removed skins from Fire and Sword due to inconsistency with the era
- removed Mercenaries Arquebusier
- new mercenary unit - shooters with paveses
- Revised upkeep prices for shooters (increased)

- the chance of getting the "Seriously Wounded" trait has been lowered (+ If the player is twice or more overweight, the trait cannot be assigned)
- fixed about 10 errors in the character names file.
- Art for new units, reworked some art for rebel units
- Writing new units in all scripts


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