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Below you can find the patch note to the 1.3 release

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General changes:
Titans removed (due to game engine bug)
TEC & Advent starbases got -50% dps but + 50% hp
LF & HC got their range increased by 1000
Pop growth after bombardment begins only after 240 seconds (from 90), due to a game enginge bug
Planet gravity well are now slightly smaller
Social upgrade now provides higher population growth
Increased all income sources by 20%

Capital ships:

Weakened titan abilities used on capships:
Corsev emp (explosion on vanilla) changed to groupshield (TL titan)
Revelation - farsight changed to strength of the fallen (AR titan)
- ultimate replaced with planet capture (AL titan) - accessable at lvl 10
Antorak - moved faster movement to ultimate slot
- in place of faster movement is phase gate (VL titan)

EGG colonization ability nerfed to spawn only 1/2/3/5 ravastras (from 1/2/4/10)
Progen colonization discount returned to vanilla values, but made longer
Progen shield rescaled to provide better defence early game, yet have lesser scalling into lategame
Vulkoras phase missile ability nerfed at higher levels
Skirantra phase protection ability replaced with a more reliable dodge ability
Battleships flak ability damage got a 30% buff

Frigates & Cruisers:

LF damage vs flak -9%
LF max slow drastically reduced
ALL LF got their mana pool removed.
Advent LF no longer can transfer AM to friendly targets, but stealing AM also deals minor damage
Vasari LF silence enemy support cruisers

Vasari elite & dark LF now move slightly slower than normal LF

Corvettes dmg vs buildings -30%
LRF now get extra damage (12 per salvo) against Dark Ravastras, after their weapon upgrade
Flak hp -5%
Support Cruisers got their dps increased by 20-30%
Advent carrier cruisers will now use more antimatter to build their strikecraft, but the strikecraft is built instantly


Strikecraft will be build faster on carrier cruisers. And significantly slower on carrier cruisers and capitalships under direct attack
Wormwholes no longer have silence
Mines reworked to provide slow only
Antimatter recharger building, and nanite weapon jammer cost reduced
Labs cost as on vanilla
TEC now require only 3 slots for a trade port. Advent only 3 slots for a frigate factory. Vasari only 3 slots for a lab.
Advent frigate factory cost reduced back to vanilla

Researchtree has been completely reworked. Some techs were moved to other slots, maybe even into other categories. Don't forget to check diplomacy tree.
Most important tech changes:
Capital ship logistics made cheaper, and now will provide bonus xp for existing ones
Planet for planet provides smaller buff, but it can stack 3 times. If the ship leaves gravity well, after it got PFAP, the buff will be removed.
Pirate mercenaries are now an early game tech
Savage Thrill & Militia now provide half of their bonus regardless of anything (e.g. you just get 15% dps on every ship everywhere), while second half is applied as on vanilla conditions

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