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Fragging Free v1.2 Patch and 'Enhanced ROE Campaign' have been released for Doom3:Roe 1.3.1 on Windows or Linux.

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Patch 1.2 released!

Main changes:

  • Bullet Time Bloom on/off control in the main menu.
  • Added bonus for collecting 100 souls.
  • Better dodge code.
  • More efficient player script.
  • Jetpack smoke and light.
  • Fixed and improved Shock Rifle skins.
  • Fixed loading bars.
  • Fixed a bug in the first map.
  • Fixed a bug in the 8th map.
  • Fixed a bug in chaingun script.
  • Fixed Helltime teleporting out of the map bug...again.
  • Fixed a bug in idFuncSmoke.
  • Tutorial now ends correctly even while driving the buggy.
  • Splash for Helltime's asteroid reduced.
Thanks once again to Simulation for the Linux build.

Enhanced ROE Campaign for FF released!

This addon allows you to play an heavily-modified version of the ROE campaign in Fragging Free.

It features coop sections with AI, new controllable monsters, revisited weapons, health and monsters placement.

More screenshots here: click

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