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Update to Hangeki. More options, better performance, less frustration. Read on to find out about the most recent changes to Hangeki.

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Hangeki version 1.14 update

Most of this patch is focused on graphical things. We noticed many of you were experiencing lag with the game, so we've added more features and options to help speed things up.

Another issue was level 5. Turns out the in-game resources that control the wave behaviors were getting mixed up, so level 5 was significantly harder than it should have been. This has been fixed, and level 5 has become easier (still challenging though).

    • Automatic detection of lag and various automatic adjustments to speed the game up
    • More graphics settings
    • Player 2 can now pause
    • Support for windowed mode with automatic scaling. (press alt-enter to toggle windowed mode)
    • Boss graphics stored differently to make things more efficient
    • Fire time on laser enemies increased very slightly
    • Music stored to be compressed and streamed instead of being loaded into memory all at once
    • Random spread on bomb enemies reduced to allow for more effective "streaming" techniques
    • Bug with Kinetic Concussor that could cause the game to crash
    • Bug with Level 5 causing it to be way harder than it was supposed to be
    • Bug with mini-icon drawing as solid colors
    • Gamepad scrolling on score list improved
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