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Delta Loop has been updated with some gameplay balance tweaks and new options. Among the new features are a new HUD model, new effects and the ability to start the game from stages 4 and 8 (once you reach them).

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We have released a small update for our arcade space shooter Delta Loop (Windows and Linux versions). Here's the complete list of new features, changes and corrections included in this patch:

New features / Enhancements:

  • You can now start the game on Stage 4 and Stage 8 once you reach them in any difficulty mode. A new starting point will be unlocked every four beaten stages.
  • A few extra graphical effects have been added to the game HUD.
  • A new "Minimalist HUD" mode has been added. It will only display the bare minimum information you need to play the game. Give it a try if you feel the normal HUD is too cluttered.

  • You can now change the control method (mouse/gamepad) and the HUD type on the fly, in the Pause menu.

  • Life bars have been reworked to make them look smoother and reflect the inflicted damage.

Misc. Changes:

  • The maximum ammo for the "Heavy Bomb" and "Chaingun" weapons have been raised to 20 and 500, respectively.
  • Score and money values are now shown with thousand separators.
  • The text font in the HINTS section has been modified a bit to make it more easily readable.


  • Fixed a bug in the "barrier drone" enemy that caused the game to crash under certain rare conditions.
  • Fixed some misplaced text in the HINTS menu.
  • Fixed a bug that forced the user to press ESC to unpause the game when using the "SKIP BONUS" option.

We hope you have a good time playing Delta Loop. Please visit our main site if you want to see our other works and/or support us by making a small donation. That way we'll be able to keep developing new games and updating our existing ones to make them even better!

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