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Patch 11.0 from 03/04/2021 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 11.0 from 03/04/2021 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Leeekaaa, Yarik

We express our deep gratitude to: Blad398 (author of New Teuton) and Jukoman (author of Fleur de Lis: Normans) for using their developments in BS.

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

* After installing the patch It is necessary in BS_Setup: either turn on the "Founding of Dynasties" or turn it off.
(The checkmark must be on one of two items!).

IMPORTANT! *'DLC" The scripts needed to be updated only after the release of patch 7

Link for downloading Patch 11.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for Patch 11.0)

Patch and translation are cumulative! *(contain all previous)

Changelog of Patch 11.0:

- fixed gendarmes (textureless model)
- the effect of a murder / failure of an attempt on the characteristics of the head of the faction has been reduced
- Crusade or Jihad can be announced 20 moves after the completion of the previous Crusade or Jihad. (Before that it was after 10 moves.)
- the base chance of killing a heretic by a priest with the same skill is now 45% (previously it was 33% all the time).

- new infantry models Gotland Footmen
- fixed a bug with the texture of the horses of the Polish nobility at Vladimir
- fixed silver officer in Horse Archers in Polovtsian armor
- added the ability to build the last level of the "Forge" line for Byzantium, Muslims and Nomads
- increased defense and melee for elite crossbowmen
- new horses for feudal knights and ministerials - 22 factions
- new Lithuanian heavy horse
- fix the fast running of rain clouds
- new models (1 and 2 ap) for the Armenian cavalry
- fixed normal for Tadzreulov horses
- fixed description of the class for the Knights-Mercenaries on foot (for heavy infantry)
- changed recruitment regions of the Armenian cavalry - Anatolia, Caucasus, Middle East
- new ranks for the generals of Lithuania


thanks for the update! :)

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