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New Patch with more contents is comming! Enjoy the game! *EDIT* Sorry for the delay

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NEW PATCH: 1.1 with More weapons, more monsters and a big expanded dungeon!

  1. New weapons: Shortbow, Longbow, Dragonsword, Whisper Staff, Whisper Axe, Boots of Engage (125%)
  2. New Mobs: Ghost Champion, Lunu (Boss), Expania Dwarf, Lenumid Warrior, Lenumid Archer.
  3. Dungeon Areas: Mystery Whisper, Catabomb, Lunu's Lair and Expania Sewer.

I Hope you'll enjoy this new awesome patch! Feel free to invite me on LoL West: "CB N4h0y". Subscribe on Youtube: "Nahoyman78". - Yohan

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