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3 new weapons, revamped energy system, packs, a new map, 2 new deployables!

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The original release of 1Week was a success, if not lacking in content. Fear not, as the next patch (coming within the next 5 days) will have plenty more.


  • New deployable - Forcefield. Less health than blast wall, but transparent + walkthroughable.
  • New deployable - Jump pad. Propels you at speed towards a certain direction.
  • Pack System added. Player can carry 1 pack, which has a different effect. Can be toggled on or off.
  • Medic Pack. Your energy reservers are sacrificed to provide nearby players with a health + energy boost.
  • Shield Pack. Your energy reserves act a shield, absorbing damage if they are still full.
  • Ghost Pack. You gain the ability to walk through walls. While "ghosting" your energy is quickly drained and will not recharge for a short duration. (UBER PROTOTYPE)
  • Teleport Pack. You no longer have a jetpack, however you have the ability to teleport after a delay (within a range)
  • New Weapon - Hoplite. A fast firing, accurate energy carbine.
  • New Weapon - Energy sword. High damage, projectile reflecting.
  • New Weapon - Flamethrower. Specialises in Area-Denial.
  • New Map - iw_mist. 2 Large floating bases with a tower in the corner.


  • Blaster projectile speed increased by 20%
  • Blaster fire-rate increased by 25%
  • Blaster damage reduced by 10%
  • Player jetpack energy increased by 20%
  • Minimum fall speed to damage reduced by 50%
  • Very low damage amounts will not stall your shield recharge

• Repairing the generators gives the player 5 points + $500

Hoplite CarbineFlamethrowerMist


great to see some more work going into this, i loved the first release this has some great potential

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I'm having trouble understanding what happens if the generator is destroyed. What are they used for? Are the generators (as a gameplay mechanic) actually functional yet?

Here's an idea...the generators should power some airlocks...and once the generator is destroyed, the airlocks open up to allow easier access to the flag.

please let me know, as I am interested in mapping for this mod and I want to be sure things are well-used and balanced.

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JLea Author

The generator powers forcefields, as well as the unimplemented turrets

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For the most part the Generators power turrets (not added yet), forcefields, and whatever else the mapper may want. One map has it where if the enemy destroys your generator it opens the doors to your base.

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Dude I loved all effects and weaps in this mod...

You are so ******* awesome! Really good job...

But, can you add a hand model? It's weird to see only the weap

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They're working on it now.

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Coming in good time....

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