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A new patch for Shelter has just been released on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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This patch features the following changes:

  • FIX: Cards with the symbiote trait no longer causes a crash when the host is killed.
    • This was a game-breaker caused by a fix to a different card bug before release that meant the symbiote was accidentally being killed twice. Unfortunately, after fixing the previous bug, I did not catch the knock on effect this had on symbiotes.
  • FIX: Player can no longer use the back button to break the reward counter when receiving card rewards after a duel.
    • Using the back button when recieving rewards used to kill the card popup showing the player what they had received and allowing them to choose another reward. As this also threw the counter off, the player could then stock up on as many rewards as they liked.
  • FEATURE: Double-tapping during a comic sequence or tutorial now fast forwards. Repeat to switch back to normal speed.
    • The tutorials especially can be quite long, so it seemed sensible to allow the player to skip through sections to the relevant information.

I hope these changes improve everyone’s enjoyment of the game. If anybody wants to suggest a feature or point out something they think isn’t working as intended then please get in touch.

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