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Patch 1.0.11 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 03/16/2020

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Patch 1.0.11 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 03/16/2020:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Norinke, Leeekaaa
Thanks: Jukoman, LEZVIE

IMPORTANT! ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

1) New textures for the Ministries of Poland and Hungary (painted by Okzersal)
2) Fixed attack delay time for Royal Mamluks
3) New texture for Swordsmen and Hiking swordsmen for Sweden (handmade)
4) New texture for Scotland Swordsmen and Walkers
5) New texture for the Swedish merchant militia (upgrade 0 and 1)
6) Fixed textures for Naffatoons of Khorezm
7) Fixed the texture of the Moorish captain for mercenary units
8) New models (basic, 1 upgrade, 2 upgrade) Merchant militia for 19 fractions (!)
9) Merchant militia removed from employment in 1 building of the market line
10) The value of the protection of the Jerusalem Knights has been fixed.
11) Religion requirements for hiring Lithuania's Giltene Elects reduced

"Second approach":
1) Veterans spearmen added +3 armor
2) Added new basic upgrades to all noble knights, foot and horse
3) +6 armor added to the city militia (with axes)
4) New model (basic + all upgrades) On foot to the knights of the Empire
5) New model (basic + all upgrades) to the Knights of the Empire
6) New model (1,2,3 upgrade to the Portuguese Knights on foot)
7) New model (basic + all upgrades) On foot to the knights aristocrats of France. The unit is also added to England and Jerusalem, they can hire it in France
8) New upgrade for Gothic knights
9) New upgrade for the Walking Gothic Knights
10) New model for the Royal Guard of Hungary (basic and 1 upgrade)
11) Reworking the bindings of unit armor upgrades to the armor line (90% of units revised)
12) The first model of Polish knights was transferred to the Swordsman Veterans (there was a mismatch of weapons)
13) Armor penetration added to Polish knights (weapon - mace)
14) The new base model of Zweikhander
15) The new model (last upgrade) of the Livonian knights (foot and horse) for the Teutonic Order
16) New model (basic) for Welsh spearmen
17) New models (upgrade 2 and 3) for the Scottish nobility
18) New model (upgrade 2) to the Shotlan noble archers
19) New models (basic and upgrade 1) of the Basque archers
20) The model of the Horse Militia (basic and upgrade 1) for the Italian factions has been replaced
21) The Italian militia horse militia has been available for hire in the city barracks since the 14th century and removed from the markets.
22) In the rebalance, the number of siphonators in the unit is reduced. (exactly the same as in the original)

Other edits:
-In the script "Mongol invasion" (early and late), the time of the invasion according to historicism is shifted (~ 10 years later than before)
-In the script "Mongol invasion" (early and late), a bug was fixed when a player broke one of the two armies going to the city, the second army remained immobilized.
-Fixed a bug where sometimes after a predetermined time, diplomacy with the Teutons and Mongols did not turn on.

-Fixed a bug * in the historical battle for Vladimir and for the Mongols in the late campaign. Bug with cursor and lack of battle scroll before battles on move 44
-Fixed a bug * in the historical battle of Jerusalem and Egypt in the early campaign. A cursor bug and lack of battle scroll before battles on move 224.
* Without corrections to patch 11, both bugs go away after one player fights.

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