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Patch 1.0.10 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 03/09/2020 + HotFix2 from 03/10/2020

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Patch 1.0.10 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 09th march 2020.

IMPORTANT! ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

1) Hiring a merchant cavalry in Genoa, Venice, Sicily and the Papal State is only available in the late era (14th century)
2) Fixed a typo in the parameters of Eristavi
3) Fixed soundtrack of the garrison swordsmen
4) The service squad of Mangonel received new high-quality textures for all fractions
5) The time for replenishment of the detachment of French knights aristocrats is fixed
6) New captain models for Turks and Moors
7) The Byzantine Menaulates are now hired from 1310-1330
8) Hashamam added armor penetration
9) Two new updates (upgrade 1 and 2) with new textures for Sipah Horse Spearmen (Turkey)
10) Two new updates (upgrade 1 and 2) with new textures for Hiking Sipah Spearmen (Turkey)
11) A new model for the Saracens Mercenaries
12) New Model of Gasmulia (Byzantium)
13) Warriors of Mutattavia and the Hurry squad of khans - battle animation has been changed
14) New model (0 upgrade) of the Saracen militia
15) Scotland: new officer - Piper
16) The type of weapon for all troops has been adjusted.
17) New model (0 upgrade) Assassins (Turkey, Egypt, Moors, Khorezm)
18) A new model (two upgrades) for Burger-pikemen.
19) The new model (upgrade 1) for the Heavy foot soldiers of the Janissaries
20) New model (upgrade 1 and 2) for Gulyamov
21) New model (upgrade 1 and 2) for Walking Gulyams
22) A new combat model of the Turkish, Moorish and Egyptian general
23) New model (upgrade 1) Siphonators
24) The animation of the battle of the Tamed Tatar Lancers (Lithuania, Mongols, Polovtsi) is fixed
25) Urban crossbow militia added to hiring for cities in Scotland
26) Lithuania: after converting to Catholicism, free fighters were added to balance the loss of pagan units in hiring castles - condition 85% Catholicism and 14th century
27) England: added the ability to replenish the Norman infantry in all regions (Hiring only in England and Sicily)
28) The late protection of the commander will be available in the 14th century (including Lithuania, but only Catholic)
29) The feudal knights and the Foot feudal knights received a new heraldry on the shields for all 18 factions where they are hired.
30) Replaced the model of the Turkish Sultan on the stratum map (now identical to the combat one)
31) A new model for the Egyptian Sultan, the Egyptian heir and the Egyptian general on the strat map
32) A new model for the Moorish heir on the strat map
33) New combat model for the Moorish Sultan, Moorish General, and Turkish General
34) A new combat model for the Egyptian general
35) Instead of the piquiner burghers, the Teutons, Germans and Scotland now have Pikiners in armor
36) New model (0 upgrade) for the City Guard (Moors)
37) New model (0 and 1 upgrade) for Jarida (Moors)
38) Fixed a bug with non-rendering of textures for Turkish crossbowmen (there was a black weapon)
39) The number of maritime trade routes for cities has been adjusted
40) The time of the appearance of the Lithuanian noble cavalry is fixed
41) The new texture of the Flemish pikemen

42) New horse blankets for Ritterbruder
43) The detachment of walking ghouls is now equal in number to the feudal knights on foot.
44) New models (upgrade 0 and 1) of the Vasilevs Guard
45) New models and weapons of Riddars and Horse Riddars - axes with penetration of armor. The charge was removed from the horsemen to match the description of obsolete weapons.
46) New models (base and all 3 upgrades) for spear veterans (england, france, jerusalem, hre, milan, venice, papal_states, sicily, spain, scotland, denmark, portugal, poland, hungary, aragon, teutonic_order, norway, sweden )
47) New models (basic and 1 upgrade) for the Hiking and Horse Ministers (poland, england, scotland, france, jerusalem, hre, teutonic_order, spain, aragon, portugal, milan, venice, papal_states, sicily, hungary, sweden, norway, denmark,)
48) Light Tatar spearmen got +2 defense (shield)
49) New Kondotier model
50) New model (3 upgrade) for Polish Sagittarius
51) New model (bezovaya and 1 upgrade) of the Sailors, the replaced weapon on the jib, the bonus against the cavalry was removed, the stats were changed
52) New models (upgrade 0 and 1) of the Templars sergeants
53) Removed from hiring in the barracks Mercenary spearmen from the Scandinavians
54) New model (upgrade 1) of the Andalusian infantry
55) New models (basic and all 3 upgrades) Spear Militias with a large shield (Genoa, Venice, Sicily, Papal States)
56) Removed the Spear Militia unit with a large shield from Poland and Hungary
57) The characteristics of the Armenian infantry have been fixed - now it matches the appearance
58) Moors and Egypt added to hire troops in the line of buildings "Caravan"
59) The new unit - Warriors with Godendags. Mercenary added to hire in the regions of Prague and Bruges since 1280
60) The time for creating a building for casting guns in cities and castles has been unified (Cannons event - 1305-1330)

Other edits:
-Optimization of the script for the conquest of capitals (Norinke) + removed traits from script generals with the epithet "Torturer".
-In the script, military assistance to the weak (early) Horde Polovtsian AI will now receive an additional 1 strong army at the start of the campaign (if the player is not for Vladimir)
-Fixed bug when dynasty and biography were not assigned to some growing family members
-new icons and info for some units: (Swordsmen on horses for Scotland, mercenaries of the Saracens, and others ...)
-Late Kaffa the Genoese will no longer rebel on the first moves
-Fixed the signature of the historical character Friedrich Barbarossa on the global map
-5 new boot screens * (will only be in BS215 reload) (* Much more boot screens in paid DLCs.)
-Removed some old trash in info pictures and unit icons (in reload)
-Other minor edits

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