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Patch 1.00.9 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 02/23/2020

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IMPORTANT! ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.


1) A new skin is drawn on the Hiking and Horse Swordsmen of Scotland
2) rus_gridni_militia_nov1 bonus against cavalry and camels reduced to +4
3) New textures on foot and horse knights of Santiago
4) New protection for the Standard of the Republic of Genoa and Venice
5) The “wall of shields” formation has been replaced by a “wall of spears” by the Senior Militia
6) The new Naffatoon unit - hiring from Khorezm, Egypt, Turks and Mongol - needs 75% of Islam
7) Fixed a bug with the textures of foot and horse knights of Montesa
8) Mangonel is available for hire for all factions
9) Lithuania: peasant archers will be hired in the cities, hunting people will replace them in the castles
10) Khorezm and Polovtsy in the late campaign of the capital were elevated to strongholds. The level of barracks also increased by 1.
11) The militia with spears for Europeans as they progress through the campaign will replace the stronger Heavy city lancers.
12) Equestrian arrows in armor added to hire Polovtsy
13) Added textures and hiring Reytaram for the Principality of Kiev (the unit was skipped earlier)
14) New textures for the early and late protection of the commander of Khorezm, Egypt, the Moors and Turks
15) Fixed silver textures and info cards of the Lithuanian cavalry in rebalance

Other edits:
Hashamas new icon and info - there was a mismatch
-new skins, new info pictures, new unit icons of some
- in the scripts, military assistance to the weak, revival, kampayn_ script removed traits that gave the epithet "tormentor" *
(so that if necessary it would be possible to find out the name and surname of the script general)
-Added a missing info picture to protect the Muslim commander at the Rebel.

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