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Patch 1.00.8 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 02/16/2020

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IMPORTANT! ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.


1) Lithuania’s Giltene’s chosen for hire from the start of the campaign
2) Aznauri in Georgia is available for hire from the beginning of the campaign
3) Basque archers (Aragon) are available only in Spain and Aragon. In other territories there will be other archers.
4) Basque archers are available for hire from the start of the campaign.
5) The foot and horse knights of the Order of Lazarus (Jerusalem kingdom) are now hired only in hospitals
6) Due to leprosy, the Order of Lazarus no longer retreats in battle, seeking death on the battlefield, rather than in leper colony.
7) Spearmen of Perkunas (Lithuania) added formation "wall of shields"
8) AI Birmugs - the chance to buy a city from AI is reduced 10 times
9) Doppelsoldner is included in the regional units for hire in the territory of St. R.I., and the Teutonic Order and St. R.I. can hire him anywhere in the world.
10) Catastrophies got +2 to armor. Now they are stronger than scooter swordsmen.
11) Hiking Sipah Spearmen got the right animation
12) In rebalance, sipahan spearmen will no longer fight with sabers instead of spears
13) Hiking Sipah Spearmen Received Hedgehog Formation
14) Lithuanian generals, rulers and heirs received different combat models.
15) The hiring of ghouls in Egypt is fixed - off real hiring.
16) The time of reappearance and replenishment of the EE Crossbow militia squad for Russia has been fixed
17) skins added to the foot and horse swordsmen of Scotland
18) the stats of the Turkish crossbowmen in melee were corrected in the original (lowered).
19) the phalanx formation for the Janissaries of the archers was removed in the original

Other edits:
-Fixed obstruction of the crossing west of Zagreb - now there is a bridge
-Removed the Catholic building from the start of the campaign at Lithuania in Palanga
-added missing info picture for foot feudal knights of the rebels
-fixed a bug in the early campaign (not everyone had it) - when there was a red ERROR plate in the lower right corner.


"Hiking" sipah spearmen are the 'Foot Spahi Lancers' I assume. I wonder why couldn't you keep the default English terms for units and UI (e.g.: Shield wall is much better than "wall of shields").

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