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Patch 1.00.7 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 Beta from 02/08/2020

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1. Now all Scandinavians {Drengjar} Hiking Viking warriors will be in cities, and {Viking_Raiders} Viking robbers will be in castles.
2. Removed armor piercing from Templar Sergeants with swords.
3. In the tournament fields for European factions, you can hire Ministers, and later - Horse and Foot Warriors or Horse and Foot Swordsmen. The exceptions are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland - their tournament fields give other units.
4. Knights of the Empire, English knights, French knights aristocrats, Portuguese knights, Norman knights and their pedestrian counterparts are hired only in their historical regions, but retrained everywhere. Other units are available in other territories (Feudal foot and horse knights, and later - Noble foot and horse knights).
5. Scottish archers (Scotland), Basque archers (Aragon) can only be hired in their historical region. Other archers will be available in other areas.
6. Archers of Islam (Sicily) are available for hire in the territory of Sicily and the historical regions of the spread of Islam (the land of the Turks, Moors, Khorezm and Egyptians). Other archers are available in other regions.
7. Byzantine archontopula accessible from the start of the campaign
8. Fixed hiring a fleet in Georgia at castle ports
9. Archers increased ammunition (on average by 2-4 arrows). Crossbowmen, arquebusiers and equestrian shooters remained unchanged.
10. Ballistas returned to the siege workshops of the later levels.
11. Added negative effects of well-being from the prison line
12. Tournament fields, due to the addition of the hiring function, 4-6 moves are now being built.
13. The militia with halberds in Scotland is available for hire in a later era (14th century.)
14. The English archers received the largest ammunition (35 arrows)
15. Ministries (foot and horse) are now hired in lists

Other edits:
-Script military assistance to the weak: +1 monitor for the Moors to conquer Granada from Cordoba. (AI vs AI)
-If you do not include the Mongol invasion script (late campaign), then the Mongols will behave more passively
(This is done so that the Mongols do not reach the Kingdom of Jerusalem)
-Reduced by 10% fine of public order due to the distance to the capital
-Fixed a bug when, according to the script for the conquest of capitals, the French general Thibault IV teleported to Jerusalem with an army.
-New icon icons for rulers of the cities of Islamic factions, nomads, Byzantium.
-New portraits of oriental generals and oriental princesses
-Fixed a bug of lack of portrait in the historical battle of Kalka.
-Increased the number of soldiers in the Byzantine detachment "regular archers" in the original.
-Fixed several icons of Anchi.

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