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Patch 1.00.6 + HotFix for Bulat steel 2.1.5Beta Patch 1.00.6 + HotFix for Bulat steel 2.1.5Beta Patch 1.00.6 + HotFix for Bulat steel 2.1.5Beta

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Patch 1.00.6 for Damask steel 2.1.5 Beta from 01/23/2020:

Download Patch:

Download Hotfix2 from 01/26/2020:

if you do not want to "screw up" an already started campaign. (Need new campaign)

1) Real hiring for the Baltic-Lithuania-Poland-Hungary-North Balkan region has been completely redesigned
2) Slavic Mercenaries are available in the cities of this region
3) In Hungary (and some border regions), any faction can hire Croatians, Hungarian archers and Magyar equestrians
4) In Poland (and some border regions), any Thracian woman can hire the Polish nobility and the Hastened Polish nobility, and in the later era - the Heavy (Winged) Hussar!
5) In Lithuania, the Baltic states (and some border regions), any faction can hire Lithuanian throwers of throws, Lithuanian archers and the Lithuanian cavalry.
6) For Lithuania, ONLY in their native lands (and some border regions) you can hire the Lithuanian sons of the nobility and the Cavalry of the sons of the nobility. In other regions, it is impossible to hire them, but you can replenish with an appropriate level of buildings.
7) In non-native lands of Lithuania, mercenary knights (foot and horse) are available for hire. In the historical region they cannot be attracted, but you can replenish them on the same conditions.
8) In the process of passing the horse and foot Sons of the nobility, the Lithuanian noble infantry and cavalry will replace. And hired knights will be replaced by later counterparts. The terms of employment will remain the same.
9) Poland: Polish nobility (on foot and horseback) - hiring only in the historical region. On the rest of the map are feudal knights and their walking option. In the process of passing the campaign, Polish knights (foot and horsebacks) will bury them, and in other regions - Noble Knights (foot and horsebacks).
10) Hungary: the hiring in the city and castle barracks, stables and shooting ranges has been redone - there are a lot of changes. hire Croatians throughout their territory, in the northern Balkans - Balkan archers (also available for all factions)
11) In Scandinavia, during the course of the campaign, Scandinavian heavily armed soldiers will be available for hire for all factions, and Danish mercenaries in the Danish regions.
12) Lithuania: hiring in cities and castles was completely redone, cavalry went to stables, archers to shooting ranges.
13) The Baltic states become interesting territory for conquest - you can hire the Prussian cavalry and Prussian ax-haters there
14) In Zagreb: available to hire Croats (for any faction)
15) In Belgrade: Serbian Knights are available for hire (for any faction)
16) In Prague: Bohemian Knights are available for hire (for any faction)
17) Fixed a bug with the impossibility of building a Giltene temple near Lithuania at the initial levels of the castle
18) Fixed models upgrade Sergeant Spearmen (Rebalance)
19) The description and characteristics of Walking ghouls near Egypt are corrected (piercing armor with sabers removed)
20) Workaround: Italian Cavalry Militia added to recruitment from Italy for Genoa, Venice, Sicily and the Papal States in the markets. In the final version there will be a merchant militia, like all European factions.
21) Redone descr_regions and map.rwm gave the correct regional hiring.
22) All units under the new hiring system are prescribed textures.
23) In order to avoid the appearance of empty barracks and stables, castles and walls no longer allow you to hire units - now they are only to protect and raise the level of the settlement.
24) The elder militia of Kiev, Novgorod and Vladimir is available for hire from the 14th century

Other edits:
-Anch Prince Turku gave -2 to fidelity. Fixed to +1 fidelity
-Anch Jarl of Norrköping gave -2 to fidelity. fixed by +1 to fidelity.

Script military assistance to the weak:
-Balancing forces of England AI and Scotland AI
-Fixed a bug when sometimes a message about helping weak fractions (Lithuania, TO) hung up.

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