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Miscreated's first patch for our alpha test. Patch #1

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Time for our first patch! Here's what we got for you all today.


  • [Fix] Fixed health regeneration not working properly. You’ll regenerate about 30 times faster now!
  • [Fix] Fixed being able to spawn with 0 health. Go home zombies, wrong game.
  • [Change] Turned off aim assistance for melee combat. This will make melee combat trickier, but much more rewarding and skill based.
  • [Fix] Removed default Crytek F12 screenshot - only uses Steam now. No more double screenshots.
  • [Fix] Fixed possible crash when firing pistol without a magazine. Yelling bang-bang still might scare other players though.
  • [Fix] Turned off console log verbosity by default. Fancy talk for saying that the console won't log every minor detail anymore.
  • [Fix] Fixed server crash during melee combat.


  • [Fix] Increased physics size for metal so it doesn't disappear into roads. The roads have had their fill, for now.
  • [Change] Removed rapid fire mode from pistol. Better exercise those speedy trigger fingers.
  • [New] Added Canteen. Quench your thirst!
  • [Fix] Increased flashlight beam distance. Let there be light.


  • [Fix] Fixed missing surface type on rocks in the water. Erosion was washing away our surface types!
  • [Fix] Correct footstep sounds on sleeping bags. We now use 100% polyester, no need for lead anymore.
  • [Fix] Fixed trashbag that had a trashcan texture. Silly trashbag, you go in the trashcan. Stop pretending to be a trashcan.
  • [Fix] Fixed one-sided door textures on warehouse. No more one-way mirror doors!


  • [New] Added waterfall sounds.
  • [New] Added Spiker sounds.
  • [New] Fixed ocean sound falloff.
  • [New] Fixed door sounds.


  • [Fix] Improved AI pathing routines to help prevent not moving issues. Less staring and more stabbing Spiker!
  • [New] Added AI to the town of Sultan.


  • [Fix] Several more houses have interiors now. Our home designer just wasn't satisfied with the conservative look.
  • [Fix] Improved physics proxies on broken vehicles. They were broken, but in the wrong way.
  • [New] Added more houses to areas along the coast. This is prime real estate, so we added more houses!
  • [New] Many updates to houses and structures. They simply weren't up to housing code.


  • [Fix] Reduced amount of flashlight spawns. Sorry, you still can’t dual wield them.
  • [Fix] Increased hatchet spawns. Go find one, chop chop!
  • [Fix] Slightly increased pistol spawns. Still rare, but not as much.
  • [New] Added spawns to several more things in the world - look around! Look closely, we always see people looking past items. Check those cabinets!

Known Issues

  • [Bug] Some rocks can be walked through.
  • [Feature] Some houses are empty.
  • [Bug] AI is still a bit wonky.
  • [Bug] Item, player and AI spawns.
  • [Feature] Balance
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