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Patch is now live. We've been listening to all of your feedback on the Steam Forums, and we're trying to address all issues. This patch is a 'functional patch' - it addresses many issues with useability and convenience and is more or less a set up for the big next patch, 0.8, which will be a massive introduction to new mechanics and units.

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  • TRINKETS ARE TEMPORARILY DISABLED! - We are completely overhauling how trinkets work in the game and will be back next patch. Please bear with us.
  • Summoning a Pumpkin or Skeleton no longer costs a Scourge, instead one is generated for the purpose.
  • Corpse blood count is now displayed on mouse tooltip rollovers.
  • Removed cooldowns on summons at start of a level so an army can be summoned faster.
  • Hammers no longer stun, rather they do damage and knockback.
  • Confirmation menu added to 'New Game' to avoid accidental save deletes.
  • Nekro cannot be killed while 'slow mo' camera is in effect.
  • Mayor and Priest Achievements proc on level complete, not at the end of the campaign.
  • All mouse buttons are now bindable.
  • The UI can be scaled. (Find the option on the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.)
  • Adjusted AI so that enemies don't use their special attacks (hammer, trap, etc.) when they first enter combat. They will now use the special attack randomly, making the attacks much more staggered.
  • Camera controls are now bound by default to the Right Mouse Button. This will make camera control much easier. Alt-Fire is now bound to 'E' by default. (You can rebind any of these controls in the options menu.)
  • Added summon control groups: Summons can now be controlled by type using the F-Keys. Check the key bind menu for controls.
  • Summons will now wait where you tell them to go, essentially guarding an area. If the Nekro walks too far away they will return to following the Nekro. Summons can be told to follow again by giving them a move-command near the Nekro. This functionality works with the new F-Key control groups.
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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give feedback. We are listening, and this is just the first step. The next patch will start to completely overhaul the weak parts of the game. Here's a small preview of what you can look forward to over the next few months:

  • Environmental Summon Overhaul - Environmental summons will be a huge part of the game. Everything from demon bees to rabid mushrooms, the Nekro will have unholy warriors to call upon at every turn!
  • Minion Specializations - Each unit will have a specalization they can employ at any time, allowing your army to take on whatever role you need it to!
  • Trinket Overhaul - (Next Patch) Trinkets are extremely cumberson, and many people forget to use them entirely. They will be taking more of a 'powerup' role in the game, where picking them up has an instant effect.
  • Nekro Overhaul - Each Nekro will unlock special attacks that can be equipped, allowing the Nekro to grow in power as the game progresses!
  • New Units - Look forward to the Hell Boar, Crust King, Templar, Berzerker and Pirate Ghost (or is it Ghost Pirate?) making an appearance!
  • New Levels - We'll be adding new basic maps such as Holdout maps, and more dynamic maps such as a map where the player seizes control of a pirate ship and must use Undead Pirate Ghosts to hold control of it!
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