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Today's article discusses the download of Patch 0.5.5 and our future plans for the next few months.

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Patch 0.5.5 has come, and with it some new features for the game. It unfortunately won't add entire new plots and quests at this time (we're working hard on Chapter 2 for that), but it does offer a revisit to our first three bosses provided in Chapter 1, completely revamping their tactics and difficulty, making them a bit more interesting and in depth. Below we've linked a video showcasing just what you can expect in terms of their new behavior.

Here's a list of some of the changes we've done, and what to expect in some of our future updates:

  • Death Boss Revision - Death has multiple phases of combat, and has had his health increased. He will spawn minions around half health and begin casting buffs and healing abilities. Death has received a far more intimidating boss design as well, giving him a much needed facelift.
  • Caldera Boss Revision - Caldera's difficulty and tactics have been reworked, and even goes into more depth than the original fight, making it feel a more engaging fight.
  • Spirit King Boss Revision - The Spirit King's abilities and defenses got a major boost, making him a far more formidable threat. He also comes with a new boss battler design.
  • The Troll and Griffon additional bosses have been buffed and given more tactics.
  • Isle of Valor as of now will receive no changes, but we're eyeing that closely. Changes to the bosses there will come at a later date, as will the Ancient Archmage boss in the Hidden Tower.
  • Battlebacks Customization has begun - We've updated several of the battlebacks with custom graphics, but there's still a lot left to do. Look forward to several areas such as the Ancient Hills, Caves, Caldera's Keep, and the Forest battlebacks to grab your eyes, thanks to the talents of Zephyr, one of our new artists.

In the upcoming months, we're looking to begin a heavy amount of polish, begin work on a complete original soundtrack, and complete Chapter 2's storyline and post content, which is estimated to bring an additional 2-5 hours of content into the game, not even counting secrets that will be added during the polish run or the additional sidequests we'll be adding to help expand the game and the world.

We look forward to sharing more updates with you all as Chapter 2 development continues!

You can download the new update here on IndieDB, or on GameJolt.

Death's New BattlerNew Windowskin AppearanceAncient Forest Battleback PreviewCaldera's Keep Battleback

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