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"Synod protection", damage in pvp has changed, tutorial quests are redesigned and simplified etc.

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  • Log off mechanics changed. When you disconnect the character waits for 15 seconds before disappearing. With pvp flag character will remain in game for 2 minutes.
  • Health formula changed. The initial and maximum value has remained the same, but now affect all attributes.
  • Damage in pvp has changed. On the surface, there is an additional protection.Details[].
  • When building a new respawn player is always automatically assigned to it. The ability to set respawn yourself removed.
  • New effect "Synod protection", which works only on the ground layer. It allows teleport to the homestead.
  • Karma is no longer updated on death. Boris the priest can clean your karma.
  • Tutorial quests are redesigned and simplified. Added new quests which teach about teleportation.
  • Vendor’s license price is now 2 platinum.
  • Reduced time gutting animals. Gutting quality is not fixed anymore.
  • Changed the recipes of coal powder, scrolls of town portal and almost all tools in metal processing.
  • Item descriptions are initially translated into English. Feel free to send bugreports on wrong texts.
  • Claim will change it’s state when the lease is about to end, thereby suggesting to the owner that it is time to renew the lease.
  • Fixed issue with the wiki (the wiki taking up an entire screen, not giving the option to close it).
  • Wiki links fixed.
  • Windows are now correctly save their position.
  • Added Minimize/Maximize button in the top right corner which toggle between windowed/fullscreen mode.
  • Fullscreen checkbox removed from settings (for experts only: use chat command).
  • Now you can take screenshots (PrntScreen key).
  • "Drunk" effect changed: max hp + 10%, dmg - 10%.
  • Ovens, bonfires and furnaces can now be snuffed out.
  • Small oven now has 4 slots instead of 2.
  • Press Enter to unfocus the chat when it's input is empty.
  • Necklace now depends on Wisdom, not on Intellect.
  • Garbage will now disappear when the last item is removed from it.
  • Drying frame updates progress more often.
  • Eating (or taking other activities) on the horse will stop the horse.
  • Fatal damage now correctly displayed in the "system" chat tab.
  • Weapons, armors and tools can be "Equipped" via context menu.
  • New sprites: mug (also mug filled with water or beer), transmutation circle, stake claim in the warning state, indulgence scrolls, kitty meat, fried meat, copper bath.

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