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Patch is out, and with it comes a variety of fixes for several issues affecting stability and the overall gameplay experience.

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It's patch-time again Feudalists! Patch brings a focus on fixing those pesky issues some of your have been having. We want to say a thanks to all the players who have been diligent in using our bug report form to help us track down and work on these issues, resulting in a higher quality of gameplay for everyone.

Anyway, on with the patch notes!

Patch notes (ver.

  • Fixed server crash when burning a certain type and amount of fuel in campfires/furnaces/ovens etc.
  • Fixed Bullet physics module. Heavily modified worlds (with a lot of buildings, trees and tunnels) should not crash on loading now
  • Fixed Fire/Extinguish GUI bug
  • Fixed crafting result being always Quality=100 in special crafting buildings (Blacksmith’s Shop, Herbalists’s Shop etc.) Special crafting buildings now provide a proper +20% bonus to quality of resulting items
  • Fixed some crashes while managing equipment and inventory with stackable items
  • Trees stumps should no longer produce new trees in vicinity. Enabled weather affecting speed of trees growth (trees like “shower” weather ;) )
  • Fixed few more rare server and client crashes
We're seeing some amazing stories emerging on your servers, and some excellent creations! So to all who're in-game now, keep enjoying your feudal lives!

A screenshot sent into the Life is Feudal Facebook Page

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