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Patch 0.1.57 brings a PvP zone that can be joined from every hometown adding a place where you can blow off steam when in between adventures.

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Pet lightning, a sparkling little fellow

Patch 0.1.57 is live!

And we are happy to bring you quite a nifty little bunch of features, the biggest one being the new Killing Fields, a PvP Zone that can be joined by all players the zone is held by two factions - you can change your faction at any time, allowing players to fight against players they would normally be allied to. NPC soldiers spawn for each side at regular intervals to add to the havoc.

Another great feature we are happy to announce is that the town council can now set the message of their town. This allows for a great way to communicate to all you citizens how things are going in the town and what your current construction or PvP goals are. The Council can also add wood to the town treasury now, this ensures that wood is always a relevant resource and allows for faster construction in towns where wood is readily available.

We have started added ability perks to a lot of specializations - pet lightning being one of them as seen on the picture above. It is our goal to finish all specializations soon as we feel that adventuring and PvP is currently in a pretty decent state. We will however be on Christmas leave until the beginning of January so from us here at Erethic Entertainment
- We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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