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Patch 010 has been released. Yet another round of major monthly updates!

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Patch 010 is now live, with all sorts of new goodies, fixes, and so on! Check out the changes below:

-CONTENT:Added Fengo's 2015 Ford F-150
-CONTENT: Added Nero666's Team Fuzzy Race Explorer
-CONTENT: Added all 4x4 Revolution additional trucks
-CONTENT: Revo trucks & 2 new trucks
-CONTENT: New icon graphics. Thanks Nero666!
-FIX: TCS and e-brake indicators now work
-FIX: Team description buffer increased from 256 to 1024 characters
-FIX: Team description size, and speed corrected.
-FIX: Language settings yet again! (HOW HARD IS THIS!)
-FIX: Track list can now display both POD, and LTE files.
-FIX: Disabled generated vegetation collision on LTE tracks
-FIX: MTM2 compatibility broke on last update, fixed.
-FIX: Somehow 4WS could get turned on, on vehicles without it installed. Fixed in theory.
-FIX: MTM2/alcohol fuel type trucks have sounds from MTM2 now
-FIX: MTM2 truck idle speed and fuel type not getting set
-FIX: Tracklist now shows both .LTE, and .POD tracks
-FIX: 44" Super Swampers now work-FIX: Language option works, yet again.
-FIX: Correct TnL DLL should now be included-FIX: Random letters at bottom removed
-FIX: GOT LIGHTS WORKING IN DX8TL!!! (On the ground at least)
-TWEAK: All race trucks grip changed from 1.75 to 2.0
-TWEAK: Mitsu Pajero Rally Truck grip changed from 2.5 to 2.0
-TWEAK: Evo2 monster trucks grip at 2.25
-OTHER: AWD can not toggle, is intentional. Need to make difflock/unlock option, always locked.
-OTHER: Verified 2048x2048 TIF truck textures function
-UI: New menus added legacy options
-UI: Part description languages now work
-UI: Some french parts descriptions added back in
-VISUAL: DX8TL mode headlights work! (Terrain only currently)
-VISUAL: You can now toggle race truck black boxes on/off
-VISUAL: Increased vertex, and polygon limits across the board.
-VISUAL: BigVis now works on LTE track
-VISUAL: All Super Swampers now have models from the Gamecube version.
-VISUAL: Toyota Tacoma textures upgraded to 2048x2048 minor tweaks for testing.
-UI: Overlay now combines difflocks, 4WS, and 4WD indicators all into one
-UI: Hotkeys added to replay UI while hidden
-UI: Replay menus has new status display
-UI: Added keyboard controls to hidden replay UI
-UI: Made profile labels consistent between screens,-UI: New textures for menus labels

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