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What we have been working on in the past month of November on Lithic

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Hey folks, been another busy month for us here at Flintlock Studios. Last Thursday (19th Nov) saw the team head to Leeds for our third GAMAYO developer conference. We got some great feedback whilst we were there and it was especially encouraging to see people excited about what Lithic is going to be and the growing story behind it. In between discussing Lithic and the fun and games of being a small studio with large goals we were able to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones too.

The first week or so of November was spent working as we had been on both the tools we are creating to build Lithic's world with and continuing the integration of Spirit Animals into the game. After that we shifted focus onto preparing for GAMAYO, shooting and annotating videos demonstrating our in-house world generation and terrain generation tools. If you'd like to see these they are available on our Youtube channel along with a more recent showcase of character creation which we also demoed at GMY.

In the week before GMY, Jon focused on getting the character creation scenes playable and relatively bug-free so that visitors to our booth at GMY could check out the multitude of options available for themselves. Everyone who checked it out seemed to have fun and we only had one nasty random crash the whole evening! So he's incredibly proud of his last minute bug crushing.

Beki found herself being interviewed again at GMY, we're not sure when that video will be available but make sure to keep an eye on our twitter as we'll definitely share it when we can.

After GMY we shifted back into work mode, with the Spirit Animals animation being finished earlier this week and Tom finalising the world creation tools and beginning work on our water tool which will be used to quickly place water sources around our terrain.

Over the coming weeks we'd like to get the spirit animals fully textured so we can show them to you all in all their roaring glory!

That's all for this monthly blog, as always you can get in touch with us via our Twitter and Facebook pages, thanks for reading!

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