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Check out the design evolution of Wrath. What were the driving forces that made Wrath the beast he is today!

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Hey all,

Here is the first fully loaded development process run-through of the deadly sin: Wrath. For those of you who do not know, Wrath represents uncontrollable rage, violence and fury. Overall, he is a pretty angry person and prefers a good fight rather than a cup of tea.

The Early Years:

Keeping with the themes of rage, violence and fury, we set out to sketch the first visuals of Wrath.

After pitching the idea to Dan Williams, our 3D Artist, he sketched out three concepts he thought would visually depict Wrath

It is important to note that Wrath is wearing an animal skull as a mask. This was introduced to reduce the human attributes Wrath would have and showcase a more instinctual feel. The key point that was required in the creative process of Wrath was, as Dan Menard put it “One thing we might want to think about is not confusing anger with death. I don’t think we want something that necessarily looks decrepit or broken up.

The Mid-Life Crisis:

After the sketches were discussed and suggestions were given, Dan Williams drew up the first colored version of Wrath. Please give him a round of applause for his awesome work. Tobias, our current concept artist, wasn’t with us at the time and Dan Williams had to wear multiple artistic hats.

Although the idea of having a magical sin that could cast spells was cool, we thought this version of Wrath strayed from our initial themes of rage, violence and fury. Upon further debate, we concluded that Wrath needed to be a beast in every sense of the word. His strength must be unrivaled by any other sin and that he would be able to destroy elements of the environment. Unfortunately, with the lack of abs and his toothpick arms, our vision of strength could not be achieved with our current Wrath.

The Maturity:

At this stage in the process, Tobias joined the team and produced our second version of Wrath. He turned our frail looking sin into a body builder. Afterwards, Dan Menard decided to pull a funny one and post a picture of Shaq O’neal on the forums for an artistic reference for Wrath. The kudos for the creation of Wrath still goes to Tobias… sorry Mr. O’neal.

As you can see, the animal-inspired mask is still an integral part of Wrath. It is a great physical characteristic because it personifies the animal rage of Wrath. With the spikes around his arms and the fire on his shorts, Wrath is now a full-fledged bad @ss. The final version of Wrath, as shown below, went through a few minor changes with regards to color (purple to black) and shaping (bigger upper body).

The Wrap-Up:

Once the final artwork was in, I went to work on building the personality and personal profile of Wrath. I could not think of a better nickname for Wrath than Mr. Montalban. I figured mister would be a great first name because Wrath is such a gentleman while Montalban would be a great family name because of the actor (Ricardo Montalban) who played Khan in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.That sums up the first design evolution, stay tuned for the piece “Party of Sin: The Gameplay Evolution of Wrath” in the coming days.

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Ahh man, this will be only for xbox as you said? Because I really wanna play this game ;(

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PC, X360

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Alex_Galasso Author

@xXMaNiAcXx No worries, 95% chance it will be on PC

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