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We are really close to finishing up the first world of Party of Sin. One and half more levels to go! And then a BETA or something like that!

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Hell3 In Action

Hey Everyone, this update is going to be a big one, since the last one was rather short and without pics.


First up I’d like to show off some action pics of Hell3. This level was completed last week and we’ve never shown in-game screenshots of it, so here are a few. The first shows the sink hole. Sins must battle their way down as the supports below them crumble. There is a boulder area shown in the second screenshot and finally the sins reach the secret turtle base at the very bottom of the cave. Congrats to Liz and Paul for doing a great job on this level!

Hell3 is our more action packed level so far and rivalled only by Hell4. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of that.

Demon Boss

Liz has rigged the Demon Boss and I’ve been working on the AI code to control it. Here is a shot of it in our empty test level. It’s too big right now, and we need to tweak the scale, but it’s looking pretty menacing!

Arrow from Dan and Vince

Finally I mentionned last time that Vince and I worked on an additive little game for the Great Canadian Appathon last weekend. I’ll talk a bit more about it now. The game we made is called Arrow and is loosely based on Bejeweled. We were able to give it a really great twist which adds a lot of strategy, and given the 48 hour deadline, I couldn’t be more proud of the game we produced. Here are a couple of screenshot of it:

Arrows redirect the shuriken in the top left. It can be thrown whenever you want.

You get points for throwing the shuriken! More arrows = more multiplier.

Players have to swap the chinese symbols to from combinations of 3 (the basics of Bejeweled). Each combination creates an arrow in a random direction. If you combine 4 or more symbols, you get an arrow with a choice. The shuriken is the only object which will get you points. You must throw it to destroy the symbols in a line, and the arrows redirect the shuriken. Each arrow increases the multiplier. When the shuriken hits a wall, it destroys it. If you hit the same section of wall again, the shuriken falls off the board and you lose the game. This simple phone game is actually quite addictive and challenging!

Vince and I are hoping to port it to PC (and possibly other platforms) soon. We’ll probably sell it for a dollar to help fund the development of Party of Sin. The 48 hour game jam experience was a lot of fun, and we’ll probably participate in more contests like that one in the future.

See you here next week,

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