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Work continues apace on Party Ball. We've added two new worlds, Forest and Park to go with the Beach world. We have also added lives system and golden 1-up cups of cola.

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Heya everyone, I'm Budaniel, lead developer of Party Ball. Floata (PB's co-designer) and I have been hard at work this last month. Here's the latest on our progress.

  • We've added a 2nd complete world, a Forest, to go with the now-finished Beach world. We've also begun work on a Park world. Each includes new hazards and challenges, from fires in the forest to open manholes in the park.
  • The graphics have been touched up to clean up all seams and improve the overall look.
  • We finally added a finite number of lives. You can increase your number lives by rolling over a golden 1-Up cup.
  • There are now timed bonus levels where you can rack up extra lives between worlds.

We still have a few particular improvements we want to address, most prominently a new and improved musical score. Our goal is to have Party Ball in a releasable state by the end of the month, so I have to get back to work. We keep our Tumblr blog updated with changes as they happen so you can follow us there as well.

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