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This update covers whats been going on so far with the progression of the parts being built, and also covers normal maps , and whats currently being done to progress things to the point where I have something ingame and working.

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So hey again all,

Today I thought I would post another progress update, mainly because I have been working almost none stop on things, most of the development has been experimentation.

The main bulk of the experimentation has been with normal maps, like I said before , I'm learning new stuff at the same time as doing this project, and normals are one thing I am pleased to have finally learned.

So with the experimentation, I have been testing parts of things which I have already made against low poly versions , and most of them come out great , the ones that don't do so well , I have other ways of making them fit with the visuals to look great still , so theres no loss really. I have also been experimenting with Unreal , mainly the materials and ini file , the materials I had to tweak abit to make things show up in game just like they did in 3d Studio Max for a couple of test pieces, and the ini file , well I spent a long time messing around with that because it contains various options for UDK which are by default turned off, which is random but by tweaking I managed to display the textures at a much higher resolution and also managed to get the frame rate to run abit better which is great for testing and developing.

I shall be posting more pictures up soon, and more videos when I have more development done, at the moment I am currently working on finishing off the last of the parts on my list that I said i would do for the demo, then I am going to get to work on the Hanger/Garage which I want to get looking amazing.

Until then!


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