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A quick run down on what has changed since the last news article.

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So since the last news post there have been a couple of new updates.


This update introduced the first particle effects to the game. For now they are limited to just moving on the ground (including dashing) and landing a slam.

The particles are designed to be visually fitting for the players location.

Here's the player moving over grass...


Over... white metal? I'm not actually sure what material you'd call that...


And finally over sand stone...


The update also included a bunch of new flag skins for the cubes, as well as some fixing up of the UVs for all the flags. There was a few pixels of overlap here and there...

I also removed the "ghost" textures, as they were just transparent duplicates of the normal flags.
Now ghost materials use the same textures but with transparent shading.

1.1.1A - Pyramid Map

New Map!


It's a pyramid... I'm not sure what else to mention...
Like the white lab map this one includes several escape chutes for smaller cubes.

Particles improvement.

Currently the cubes are only using one particle system for the movement effect. This means that when moving onto a new material, and swapping to that material, all the currently spawn particles would also change...

I had already added in code to clear any currently spawned particles when you swap materials.

Problem was that it happened every time you entered a new collision box, regardless of if it was the same material or not.

This is now fixed! It checks to see if the new material is actually different.

Further improvements:

I'm thinking of having 2 systems rather than 1, that way when changing materials you can swap around the active and dormant systems rather than having to cull all your current particles.

Next Updates

[Plural because these might be all in the next update or they might each be pushed separately]

  • 2 vs 2 - Team play!
  • Map choice screen - the more maps i make the more this feels needed.
  • Improve the menu system - so that you can choose the game mode and then the map.
  • Options screen - need stuff like volume control and possibly other settings (FoV etc) in future.
  • More particles - the slam could do with one really.
  • Better lighting! - i should make use of the engine and bring my maps to life a bit!
  • New maps - currently have ideas for a pirate ship and a spooky grave yard.
  • More flags - why don't i have a pirate flag yet?!

Okay these won't ALL be in the next update, but its nice to have ideas, right?


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