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A look at the upcoming beta build of Part 2 and the announcement of a large need for playtesters to ensure a perfect initial release.

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Part 2 is currently sitting at 40% completion. A rather large sum of content needs to be done before we can go gold on June 1st, but that isn't stopping us from planning short term. Part 2 will hit 50% completion on April 25th, 2011, and that is when it will be shipped out to playtesters for quality assurance, commentary, feedback, requests, etc.

You've heard it right. Anyone who has signed up to be a playtester (Contact information below) will be emailed a beta build of Worry of Newport - Part 2 and will be given each individual worklogs to go through and comment on to make sure every aspect of the series conclusion is nailed in quality control.

The 50% mark will be around 45 minutes of game play, above Part 1's entire length. Once this one week long trial period is done I will collect and apply all feedback gained, which will skyrocket quality towards a more polished release.

If you are at all interested in playtesting Worry of Newport - Part 2, please email me at or add me on skype at CommandoZombie. I will need five to ten playtesters.

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