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A look at the Desura edition of Worry of Newport Part 1 as well as looking into what makes patch 1.2 so special--and final.

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Greetings everyone, you probably weren't expecting to hear anything about Part 1 ever again were you? I have gone through quite the workload of Part 1 and decided to release the final patch, titled 1.2. But what exactly does this patch entail? First and foremost, it is the final patch for Worry of Newport - Part 1. So, whoo! We've got "Platinum" with this patch, meaning every single bug is gone. No new content has been added at all, so the experience is the same, this patch is just primarily focused on optimizing the Newport 2 engine and removing many, many visual bugs/inconsistencies.



  • Blinking Water Model removed due to requests. Crysis Vanilla water is brought back, and should lead to a 3-5fps gain.
  • Formatting changed! Single folder install rather than double folder install.
  • Object popin and vegetation popin have been removed. The Newport 2 engine has been revamped in this way after many complaints and should no longer provide Warhead-esque annoyances.
  • Depth of Field has been lowered by 35% due to high demand.
  • Optimized rain and weather effects; rain does not cut through rooftops anymore
  • Noted complaints about various visual glitches. Textures, water model edges, vegetation blurring, etc.
  • Loading screen initially has been removed due to bugs with wrap
  • Misc visual bugfixes, minute changes to color pallet, polish in vegetated scenes.


  • Walking speed dynamically adjusted based on the scene rather than globally.

Desura Edition

Desura Edition of Worry of Newport Part 1 is a special treat. It is fully integrated into a seamless, single folder install. As well as being the most convenient way to play Worry of Newport - Part 1, it is also to be thanked for the near 4x spike in traffic today.

Desura edition is going to be updated to 1.2 in the coming weeks.

Part 2 will feature a Desura install out of the gate as well as an easier manual install. Part 2 will also come prepatched due to a playtesting team being lined up.

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