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Glorious is the day Parkasaurus friends, Alpha 3 was reached! This means we’ll be receiving a ton of gameplay feedback, figuring out what is fun, what isn’t that fun, and adjusting accordingly. The game at this point is Early Access feature complete – all the parts are there, we just need to get them to run smoothly. Update 012 Topics * Employee waypoint updates * Dinos just want to have fun * Exhibit Lists

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Parkasaurus Steam Update

Update 012 Topics

  • Employee waypoint updates
  • Dinos just want to have fun
  • Exhibit Lists
  • Bonus: Park grand opening

Employee waypoint updates

In Parkasaurus your employees become vital once your park starts to grow, it is a great lesson in delegating out the work. We’ve been working on improving employee pathing; now you have 3 choices:

  • random - the employee wanders the park looking for tasks to do
  • waypoints – you assign the route for an employee to follow
  • proximity – you assign the employee to stay tethered to a certain area

Waypoints sm

Dinos just want to have fun

Toys! Toys! Toys! We’ve been finalizing the toy system and changing how this affects your dinosaur best friends. For example, some toys might improve the health of a Dino (eg. A vaccine is in the ice cube!) or sometimes toys are just for fun, and therefor increase the enrichment of your Dino.

Dino Toys!

Exhibit Lists

There are many interesting systems in Parkasaurus that sometimes can be missed by players. Last week we added some much-needed info panes that we never realized were very important to have, for example, a list of Dino exhibits. It may seem intuitive to put this in but it's amazing what you just don't see when you’re in the thick of developing a best friend Dino tycoon game 😊


Bonus: Park grand opening

One of the older complaints we got from folks playing the game way back was they felt overwhelmed when people entered the park and they weren't now you can close & open the park. Guests who are in the park leave, guests en route turn around, and we stop spawning any new guests. This was a fitting point to chat about because it also feels like a celebration for Alpha3.

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Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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