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Parkasaurus enters Early Access today officially! Wandering your park at night No You Clean the Toilet Watching the Hatch Valley o' Dinos

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Parkasaurus Enters Early Access Today!

Hi Dino friends! The time has come for Parkasaurus to enter Early Access.

First off the two of us who make the up the Parkasaurus team want to thank everyone who playtested, gave us feedback, told your friends or forums about us, or just hung out in Discord and was awesome. Thanks. This has been a scary adventure which all of you made much easier. Now we begin the next phase!

We hope the Parkasaurus family gets bigger today, and with that comes a new group of people to help choose the direction of where we go. Yes – the next few weeks will likely be fixing terrible bugs and game balancing, but it also will be an opportunity to hear feedback from everyone and update our roadmap. Early Access support is crucial for a 2 person team like ours, and, we can’t thank you enough.

Not to stray too far from our usual updates, I just wanted to provide a little background to Parkasaurus and then some fun stuff.

The Origin of Parkasaurus

We thought it would be fun to share the origin of how we came to start making Parkasaurus. Although the game nods to previous games before it, the impetuous came from a handmade game design doc in the form of a colorful binder that is called DinoBook, with sparkles and all. DinoGame was split by tabs into categories, detailing how a dino tycoon sim game could work. Well – thanks to one of our wives, we fell in love with the idea of DinoGame and ran with it.


Now a little fun:

  • Wandering your park at night
  • No You Clean the Toilet
  • Watching the Hatch
  • Valley o' Dinos

Wandering your park at night

Spending the entire Parkasaurus day can sometimes be stressful, especially if you get a break out. I like to take the time and use the free cam to enjoy the cool views at night.

No You Clean the Toilet

In Parkasaurus the employees automatically will try to find tasks to do around the park. You can toggle them to just do one task if you want (eg. There is a ton of garbage and you want your janitor on ultra clean up duty). We also let you assign directly in game different tasks for your employees by using the right mouse button.

Food Court Design

There is a lot of emphasis on Exhibit Design in Parkasaurus, and for good reason. Happy Dinos mean more money to expand your park. But it also is fun to take your time and thinking about how you’ll create little food courts around your park.

Dinos with Style

Perhaps most importantly in Parkasaurus you’ll need to equip your dinos to look good. Your dino best friends won’t be able to wear accessories until they’re adults; so that gives you plenty of time to research and stock up on the coolest items in town.

Parkasaurus has arrived

The two of us are trying our hardest to get the Parkasaurus word out to the interwebz, and we see all of you helping out! Keep it up! Tell your neighbor to Wishlist us, get your boyfriend to follow us on Twitter or get your boss to post about us on reddit or your company forums. This is all such a big help to us. Thanks. xoxo

Here are a few ways to follow us:




Mailing List



Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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