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This is the main system that will be used within Asylum, to scare anyone who plays.

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The Paranoia System is simple, yet Complex. You get a bar in the top right that slowly goes down depending on what your doing, you can raise it by Collecting Documents, talking to friends and staying together.

You are constantly losing your Sanity when you dwell deeper into the asylum, You can keep your self sane, but only by doing the following..

Keeping in Contact
- If you may lose your friends in the abyss of the Asylum, you have a CB Radio on you at all times.
- But, due to the Asylums size, it only has a specific range, so it may not even reach a friend.
- They need to respond to you, or else you could be alone.

Finding Historical Documents
- Throught the asylum are Patient Records, Building Documents and other forms of documents.
- Collecting these helps your sanity, the more you collect the better.
- You are also scored at the end on who collected the most Documents.

Staying close to others
- Found a friend? Stay close together, it helps your sanity alot.
- The more the merrier, If you have over half of your friends with you, you'll stay sane.
- But, too many together and who knows what will happen...

Paranoia Low? Things will start happening..

- You will start seeing things that may not exist
- Noises behind you, around you.
- The darkness seems to get closer and closer, no matter how much light surrounds you.
- Your Paranoia bar depletes completely?... You go completely insane beyond repair. End Game.

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