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New game mode, new lobby, new sounds and other features.

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EXTRACTION (New Game Mode)

At the start of the match you will be given preparation time lasting one minute, during this time you cannot take damage. After this the extraction timer starts and one player, selected randomly, plays as an Alpha creature. The problem is, is that you don't know who this player is, so you can only trust yourself unless your fellow Survivors have proven themselves to not be infected.


As a Survivor you have two ways of surviving... Number one: Survive until the extraction; Number two: Try to figure out who has been infected and kill them. Once all the Alpha creatures are dead the game will end and the Survivors will win.


As the Alpha creature, your job is to try and infect all of the Survivors, turning them into Alpha creatures. However if you die as the Alpha creature, you become a part of the Swarm…


Your job as the Swarm is to simply attack and infect other Survivors. However you do not have the ability to transform into a Survivor unlike the Alpha.


  • New lobby map
  • Added voice chat to lobby


  • Added drop amount to items in the inventory


  • Added large bunker door sounds
  • Added small bunker door sounds
  • Added Item pickup sounds
  • Added light sounds
  • Added gas pipe sounds
  • Added vent sounds


  • Added option to open and close doors
  • Added gametype to server browser


  • Fixed bug with creature attack
  • Fixed customization bug
  • Fixed ragdoll physics on dead players
  • Fixed inventory item duplication
  • Fixed audio settings not being saved


Currently for the next week or two I will be focusing on finding bugs, working on optimization issues and other small issues with Paralysis. For the rest of July I will be updating my engine which I need a decent amount time to do, as I need to make sure nothing has broken. I will still be working on new features such as the UI overhaul, a new map, and a few other small things during this time. I will try and get a major update every month such as getting new gun animations, new creature animations, among other things. Also I will need to focus on reworking voice chat to support proximity chat and also adding voice options to the settings menu. Please stay tuned for future updates.

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