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I am still waiting for authoristation of 0.;58 version of Paradigm Worlds. But it has been over 3 weeks and I managed to create new vrsion, with many interesting improvements.

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What we can expect from the new version, 0.60?

I think that biggest and best improvement will be new skyboxes and whole system of lighting which I implemented thanks to ->


They look amazing and give a new, more colorful look to whole gameplay. Of course I managed to changed more than half of the textures, as they couldn't be used as it is.

I have also implemented some new items from The Reckoning, but not a lot. You will find new mounts as ather humourus goats, one normal one, and one demonic, black with red eyes. You will also find that many Fantasy Magioucracy units gained new mounts: deers, brown and white. I don't mind to give some funny accents, but I don't want to make rpg comedy, so I am still thinking about pigs. (Too funny I am afraid).

Inventory with new items Paradigm Worlds

There will be new enemy - from the Star Gate Science Group - SpecOps. He has ne boots and armor, and even new carbine ( low damage, but very accurate). Biggest change is that SpecOps also use grenades! This is new area damage weapon, and has its more powerful version: Dynamite Bomb! Grenades can be bought and bomb can be crafted.

You will meet also some new companions. Overall there are 30 companions and I think that this is last number. I still want player to feel responsible for his companions and have an attachment and I think that more people in company would be too much. You will meet for example "Max Gibson" which has some resamblance to Mad Max (thanks to OSP The Reckoning), with unique armor and some new stuff. To be honest most of companions have a more or less resemblence to hero from literature or movie, but I will let you find out yourself which is which.


I am also working on some new improvements to villages, there will be coffee planatations, raw gem mines, and refinery. There will be also mushroomery, a place where you can grow mushrooms, new food item. They aren't cheap, but they give good bonuses to some stats, eg: Ranger's Mushrooms give significant bonus to pathfinding and spotting, but they wil also cause some morale damage for using narcotics.

After that - I think I need 1-2 days to end this options, I will send file to download for you all.


Last thing: I experimented a little with multiplayer game. It is far more complicated to code as I thought, but I think that some interesting demo can be shown. So: I've created from scratch all stats for all "races". As you probably know, multi breaks down, when you use real races, so now you can play only humans. But humans from all factions have "names" of their original factions (I know it's lame) - for now I just want to experiment, so can you. Examples of multi stats:

def_attrib_multiplayer_alien = str_25 |agi_75 |int_30 | cha_30 |level(35)
def_attrib_multiplayer_morlok = str_16 |agi_120 |int_30 | cha_30 |level(25) #Swadian
def_attrib_multiplayer_elf = str_14 |agi_130 |int_30 | cha_30 |level(24)

As you see all units have very high agility, so game is a lot faster. Also every 5 points of agility "costs" 1 point of strenght. Heavy armors are very heavy, and slow you a lot.

As for now there are 2-3 made units: Morlok Vanguard, Legionist and Sanitarium Inquisitor.

As for some questions about trying mod as beta-test. Please have a little more faith, and give me a little more time (4-5 days) I will answer and if it will occur that we all have wait too long for this authorisation I'll figure it out somehow. Just a little more time. Believe me I would love to see my mod being played by you people.


good luck man. nice job (:

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awesome cant wait

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I really hope it will get authorized. :)

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