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With no news updates since May 2014 you'd think this popular project was abandoned...when in fact it's about to get the ultimate makeover...

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First I want to say thanks to all who enjoyed playing the current build and who continue to visit the project webpage keeping it in the top 200 rankings. I've been keeping you all in the dark for months as I work with Meta3D studios to reboot the project into looking like a real quality Indie game.

Basically we're trying to turn this

into a 3D side-scrolling papercraft shooter that looks more like this:

Progress Report

Right now we're working on a playable one-level demo to present to an investor and possibly the gaming community to test the waters and get feedback on. We have a basic game design document; and are working to pin down the exact lighting model, create and animate a bunch of assets. I know a lot of people like the current build, so I want to stress that we are keeping the core game play the same. It will be an action-packed online shooter with crazy weapons and more!

The boss riding the yak in stage 1 is being replaced with a killer robot.

With no updates in months you'd think progress was dog slow. In reality we were working out the game design and recruiting people to fill certain roles; so it only seems slow. With everyone back from vacation, I'm pushing to move things quickly and have something demoable in a few months.

I'll post another update once we have something new and significant to show everyone!

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Well, I am happy to still see it alive. And cant wait to see more!

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