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We want to share with you the music of the first chapter of PANKAPU. It is composed by our dear friend Ganaé (AKA Matthieu Loubière).

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Hey everyone, Today, we want to share with you the music of the first chapter of PANKAPU which are composed by our dear friend Ganaé (AKA Matthieu Loubière).

The Garden

At the edge of Omnia rises Peppu, the forest-tree, acting like a border with the material world. Majestic and full of life, it is the home of many souls and hopes.

The adventure of our hero starts in the heart of this green forest, in the Garden, where Peppu’s sprouts grow slowly.

Music 01 - The Garden - Peppynière

The Lush Forest

After this first zone, representing the birth of the hero, comes the Lush Forest. Like a growing child, who has to learn everything about the world, this area is full of surprises. It’s were the adventures really begins.

In order to compose this music, Ganaé acted like this :

The starting point was the forest, so he used woodwind instrument like clarinet and oboe for the theme creating a dialogue with the violin. The rhythm pulsed by the woodblock and the bongo increase the sensation of profusion and wealth of this forest.

The use of pizzicato for the string instruments, the rattle and bells settle the sensation of agility and insouciance.

For the grave tune, the main theme (Hanaé) will goes sometimes joyful sometimes sad.

The feeling searched was the sensation of lightness, the abundance but also the introduction of some grave and serious touch due to invasion of nightmares.

Music 02 - The Lush Forest - Forêt Luxuriante

All those elements will bring the player in a touching, shinning and contemplative environment, the perfect place for starting an adventure, until Pankapu finds out what is hidden under the ancestral roots of this tree…

Music - Piano Version - Hanaé

Bonus: From Ganae's Channel,
Pankapu Main Theme Orchestral Prototype

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