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Pankapu will be released September 20! The full game will be available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC and Mac Switch: TBA (2017)

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Hey everyone, welcome aboard this new and important Omnia Express.

All aboard the hype train, we are starting right now!!

The Release Date of Pankapu:

It's now official we have a release date. So sorry for this last months of silent, we were finishing the export for consoles, and it was taking a LOOONNNG time to do them all...

But I'm not here to complain, more over we are really excited because...

PANKAPU IS COMING to Steam, XboxOne and PS4 on the 20th of September!!!!

And because a good news never comes alone here is the teaser:

Don't worry, I can answer your question: Where is the Switch?

We recently received the developer kit for the Switch's export. So, right now we are still working on this one. But don't worry we will come back with better information.


At the same time, we are really proud to announce that we are featured on the Playstation Blog with a post that we've made about our Switching System.

If you want to read it, it's a good summary for learning more about switching Aegieses in real time, with a focus on a boss made by our dear backer CB_Aura.


And that's all for today, see you soon in the world of Dreams

We love you all

All the Too Kind Studio Team

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