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Painslayer 1.1.0 released! Download it and watch a new trailer!

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Painslayer 1.1.0 is here!

And here's my first gameplay trailer:

This update largely focused on adding multiplayer fixes and ironing out smaller issues. Guess what, people do play GZDoom in multiplayer, and this update should hopefully reduce desyncs in coop and deathmatch!

How to play Painslayer with Beautiful Doom

Want to play Painslayer with Beautiful Doom?

  1. Download a fresh release of Beautiful Doom:

  2. Run the game so that Painslayer is placed after Beautiful Doom in the load order. For example:

    gzdoom.exe -file Beautiful_Doom_715.pk3 Painslayer102.pk3
  3. In the Main Menu, before starting the game, navigate to Options > Beautiful Doom Settings > scroll down, find Beautiful Doom Weapons > set to Disabled.

  4. Play the game, and you'll have Beautiful Doom visuals with Painslayer weapons and mechanics!

Screenshot 1 1



  • [Multiplayer] Fixed Codex and Tarot Board opening for all players instead of the player who opens them
  • [Multiplayer] (Hopefully) fixed various stuff that could cause desyncs in multiplayer. The mod should be playable in coop and deathmatch.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed a critical oversight where unfreezing would reset the flags on a player incorrectly resulting in multiple issues.
  • Rewrote and fixed the code related to staking monsters. Staking and pinning them to walls should now be consistent, with the corpse ending up where it visually should. If the stake hits the floor, the corpse will properly detach instead of sometimes disappering.
  • Rewrote and fixed effects on monster death (body poofing, soul spawning). Monsters will now disappear slightly faster and the disappearance timer will be consistent. A_BossDeath will be called when necessary (Maps relying on this, like "Dead Simple", will be properly beatable).
    Fixed frozen monsters not calling A_BossDeath when shattered.
  • Fixed Black Tarot Cards sometimes failing to equip into a slot and ending up stuck on the board, being rendered functionally unusable.
  • Fixed missing copyright/permissions/credits information


  • Added barrel contraction animation to Rocket Launcher when firing rockets


  • Reduced vertical size of the corpse hitbox when hitting with a Killer projectile (this way it'll be easier to hit enemies behind the corpse with Killer)
  • Adjusted the Killer's corpse-drag effect; it should now be a bit more consistent and easier to control
  • All monsters will now play their death animation until the end before disappering. The disappearance will no longer depend on the corpse's velocity after death.
  • Freezer no longer affects Arch-Viles, since this made them completely irrelevant in the mod. This change won't affect mods with their own versions of Arch-Vile.
  • Freezer no longer affects monsters with NOICEDEATH flag. Some examples include Lost Souls and Commander Keen.
  • Freezer duration slightly extended.
  • Freezer will now put monsters into their Pain state sequence while frozen.
  • [Multiplayer] A frozen player's screen will stay blue longer.
  • [Multiplayer] Frozen players will no longer see an ice encasing around them from their own viewport, since it looked bad and obstructed the view.
  • [Multiplayer] Players hit by a stake will no longer see that stake from their own viewport, since it looked bad and obstructed the view.
  • Bodies thrown back by a shotgun blast will now slow down while rotating.
  • When attacked with fire (such as Flamethrower), frozen enemies don't immediately unfreeze, instead their ice encasing slowly melts, while absorbing 90% of incoming fire damage.
  • Added a new projectile firing function by Lewisk3 using Gutamatics. This should help with behavior, trajectories and possibly collision of stakes, bolts, shurikens and rockets should now be more precise.
  • Explosions of shurikens without Weapon Modifier will now appear larger, since they deal more damage without Weapon Modifier despite being harder to produce
  • Bosses and non-monster objects destroyed by Electro will no longer shake for a while after death (as opposed to regular monsters who still do that)

Looks awesome! 😺

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