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The release of Beyond Enemy Lines comes closer and it’s about time to talk about updates, content updates and DLC.

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Paid DLC with no content

Beyond Enemy Lines goes a different way of post launch monetization. You can purchase a complete nothing and here is how it works:

All post launch content will be added to Beyond Enemy Lines for free with patches. By purchasing this product you deserve more content for free. You put your trust in the product and my work so I think it’s only fair to pay this back with free content. Nonetheless development of new content costs a lot time and money, so I decided to release a Donation-DLC for each content update.

If you enjoyed the new content, had fun playing it and you think the development deservs a small donation you can buy this DLC. The DLC won’t give you anything additional and it will be clearly communicated that it’s only a donation DLC.

I hope that this fair DLC politic will lead to a amount of donations that will allow me to develop more free content and have a long time support for Beyond Enemy Lines.

Update frequency

Development takes time! And thru the fact that Beyond Enemy Lines is a one man project, updates will take some time. This goes for both the free post launch content as well as possible bug fixes. I’m working as fast as I can but the update frequency of AAA games are impossible. If I’m in the Steam Community answering questions I can’t continue developing and even sometimes I need some sleep.

So I can’t give you exact update times and how long it will take me to get tot he next free update.

Quality takes time and I hope all will pay attation tot he fact that this game is developed by a single person.

Current development status

The Steamworks integration is almost done. While I write this news, a new test build is uploading to Steam to test the newly implemented Steam Achievements. I also need to create some additional artworks for the trading cards to finish all Steamworks related stuff.

The release trailer needs to be recorded and cut as well as 4 last missions needs to pass the final tests. All in all the release is comming very close.

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