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How to deploy Unity apps to Desura, and submitting the Mac builds as DMG files. It has to be done from a Mac.

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When I deploy my Unity apps to Desura, I need to submit the Mac builds as DMG files. I pieced together my own process for this after doing a little bit of Googling. It has to be done from a Mac.


- "iDMG" - iDMG is an app that I found on . It creates a single DMG file from a folder of files. It's been a while since I downloaded and "installed" it; but when I need it, I can find it in my Applications folder on my Macbook.


1. Build the Mac app with Unity.

2. Go to your Applications folder and run iDMG (or run it for wherever you put it).

3. Drag the generated Mac .app file into iDMG. A .app.dmg file will be created.

4. Open a command shell and browse to where the generated .app.dmg is from step 3.

5. Type in hdiutil convert -format UDZ0 -o yourgame.dmg

6 (Desura users only): Upload the generated yourgame.dmg to Desura.

That's it! If you believe I did anything wrong, comments are welcome!

This article has been provided by Gamieon/Christopher Haag


hey thanks for this article, I'm currently struggling from file permission as after I build app file, I have to add execute permission to it, does this step fix this problem?

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I know this is quite an old post, but just wanted to say thanks; worked a charm!

One thing i did have for those who may use this guide in the future, was my Mac didn't want to open iDMG as it was from an unknown developer.

To get around this simply hold the ctrl key then click the application. Now select Open from the menu and it will ignore the unknown developer stuff.

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