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For those who interest or don't download it yet

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Due to people asking about details of Pacific Theater mod, we finally decide to make this article for who interest or don't download the mod yet. Here are the concluded details of this mod:

Created and modified by FeReise, mod.ff provided by deathwarrior700

- Change US Marines and Makin raiders uniform colors into something that look more realistic. (Recommend to see more on historical photographs, documentaries, books, and related artworks to know what we are talking about)
- Edit some details on Japanese Tropical uniform and Type 98 (regular soldier) uniform, like collar tabs for example.
- Change a new texture for one of Japanese model with a tropical uniform. (Credit: MadIvan18)
- Apart from those in Semper Fi and Blackcat missions, both Japanese tropical and Type 98 models will now appear together in any other Pacific mission.
- Add few more Asian faces for Japanese AIs. (1.1 version)
- More variations on the Japanese headgear (hats, helmets, hat with glasses, camo helmet, bandana, and bandage) and other equipment. (Grenade bags, ammunition pouches, etc.)
- Remove Japanese visor cap entirely from the game, it makes no sense to let it appear on those low-ranked regular Type 98 Japanese troops.
- Change Japanese Bandana texture, the old texture should only appear on Kamikaze head, not the regular soldiers.
- More weapons variation for US Marines on every Pacific missions, also Makin raiders in Semper Fi mission.
- M1 Garand will still be a common weapon for US AIs, but now it will appear along with bayonet attached version.
- Arisaka (Type 99, both with and without bayonet version) rifle will now become a truly 'main' weapon for Japanese AIs. (Increase its appearance)
- Decrease an appearance of Type 100 submachine gun. (The one that supposes to be a rare weapon among WW2 Japanese forces)
- Increase an appearance of Type 99 light machine gun. (It now will appear in every Pacific missions)
- Change textures for some weapons like Arisaka, Thompson, BAR, etc. (Credit: SPLinT_CeLL aka MasterJames)
- Change a view model texture of mortar shell in Breaking Point mission, from American M43A1 81mm (lookalike) into Type100 81mm.

Bug fix (1.1 version)

- Before: Few AIs appear without any weapon in Blowtorch and Corkscrew mission

- After: None of them will appear anymore, everyone will have given weapons for the fight

In addition, we are still looking for those who know how to fix the weapons sound issue. (As we already mentioned in the Readme file) Also, those who have a knowledge about 'wet' models and textures for AIs in a rainy mission like Blowtorch and Corkscrew. Anyway, we still welcome anyone who wants to suggest or help us with this little project.

And please be prepared for our new mod soon!


*UPDATED* our new mod was finally released!!! Please click on the link;

*UPDATED#2* Version 1.2 is ready, enjoy!

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