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Expect the unexpected, once again!

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A new version of "Pacific Theater" (Stand-alone) is finally released!

Download here:

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Details of the Pacific Theater 1.7 Stand-alone version:
- Aiming accuracy of teammate/friendly AIs will be drastically increased.
- New modifications on certain weapons:
1) Edit ammo and magazine capacity for Thompson, M1897, MG42, FG42, Type 99 LMG, and M1911.
2) Change names on few weapons. Such as M1A1 Carbine into M1 Carbine, DP28 into DP-27, etc.
3) Change AI overlay texts for DP-27 and M1919, from Submachine gunner into Support gunner (finally XD).
4) Increasing damage output for the regular M1903 Springfield and Scoped FG42.
5) Adjust reloading times on MG42, M9 Bazooka, Panzerschreck.
- A new rank for US Marines: Private First Class (Pfc.), and new ranks for Soviet troops: Yefreitor (Yefr.) and Junior Sergeant (Jr. Sgt.) (also removed Corporal (Cpl.) from Soviet faction, a lot of thanks to gicombat for this modification!).
- New surnames for teammate/friendly AIs.
- An edit on the radio man model in Semper Fi.
- Few rearrangements on USMC weapons.
- Some new textures for the USMC faction.
- **The updated special textures for the Semper Fi mission will be included inside the Semper Fi folder. Highly recommend use for improving the authenticity of the Semper Fi mission.
- More 'Extra Textures' and minor mod files, please read our instructions carefully if you want to use them.'
- ***New d3d9.dll file made/edited by gicombat, this version will bring our beloved WaW's intro (at the very beginning when you open the game) back! XD

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Here is a detail of the extra mods:
1. zzz_CREDITSV5 - The latest updated version of a bonus at the 'credits' section.
2. zzz_LOADOUT - A custom starting weapon loadout of mine, just a little change in few missions.
3. zzz_LOADOUT2 - Same as above but also add Mosin Sniper for 'Ring of Steel', 'Eviction', and 'Downfall' missions.

*****Now for newcomers, please read our instructions carefully before you install our mod. Also for those who have a multiplayer profile, please make sure you've already BACKED UP your own 'player profile' in case it causes any unpleasant thing to your PC. And most importantly, this mod was meant to be played on PC only!*****

Co-creator and credit for mod.ff files: Mr. "warrior300" and extremely skillful "gicombat".

Credits for textures: War_Crimes (many of wonderful textures belong to him), MasterJames aka SPLinT_CeLL, MadIvan18, Ferry, and MCh2207Cz (COD2's Back2Fronts mod).

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*****In order to play for the best immersive experience*****:

1. 'Semper Fi' (mission 1) = Pacific Theater 1.7 (either stand-alone or other versions in Vendetta and other mods) + "zzz_IJN2" and "zzz_USmakinhelmet" texture/minor mods.

2. 'Little Resistance ~ Vendetta' (mission 2-4) = Vendetta: Darkest Days 2.3 ver + Pacific 1.7 (any versions) ->

3. 'Their Land Their Blood ~ Blood and Iron' (mission 5-8) = Fall of Berlin mod 3.5 version + Pacific Theater 1.7 ->

4. 'Ring of Steel' (mission 9) = Either Fall of Berlin 3.5 or Ring of Steel: Abandon all hope 1.4 version' ->

5. 'Eviction ~ Downfall' (mission 10-15) = Fall of Berlin mod 3.5 version with Kriegsmarine Naval Infantry skin mod + Pacific Theater 1.7.


1. 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew and Breaking Point' walkthrough video for this mod (1.6 version) by 'AFGuidesHD':

2. Peleliu walkthrough video for this mod (only first half, possibly 1.6 version) by 'AFGuidesHD':

I guess that's all, folk! Please contact me right away if our mod(s) caused any problem. And you can give us feedback and review our mods anytime if you're interested.

NEW UPDATED: Here is the beach camo pattern on USMC helmet cover, recommend for Little Resistance and Hard Landing missions -

FeReise, gicombat, and warrior300

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