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An important announcement about the recent acceptance into P2CE's support program and the future of the mod!

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Hey all!

Fiffle here, with a big announcement for the project!

Recently, we applied for P2CE support, which in case you don't know, is a way to distibute keys to developers and get personalized help from the development team behind P2CE.

The application was accepted. The members without keys got some in order to work on the mod!

Electron is going into a rapid development cycle, in short, due to all the team members being on summer break, and all having keys. We have some new concept art for the [REDACTED], a new mapper, and actual time™!

We do still need a modeler/texturer, a few voice actors, a concept artist, and any more help that can be offered! If you want to help you can DM me on Discord, I have DMs open!

And now, I'll give you guys some pictures!
See you all!

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