Off World Relocation begins anew. And there's no turning back.

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It's time to find the Free Man.

You are CP Unit 757, just patrolling the streets of City 11. But, when the Free Man returns after a very long time, and starts leading a resistance, you are sent after him to do only one thing: Kill him. But that task won't be without some problems, as he's faster, and smarter than you. You better be ready for this fight, as it's the biggest one you've fought.

Last time, I went against your expectations. I was putting this project off due to more important life things. I kept putting it off until I forgot about it. I forgot about this, and I regret it. And that's why I'm going to finish what I started, alone.

I do not require any help, as I was the one who started this mess. I will make sure to learn to the best of my abilities about modelling, mapping, animating, and all that swell stuff. Sure, I may need some voice actors later on, but that won't be until I have most of the mod done. I can promise you this.

Off World Relocation WILL be finished. Don't think that it won't.


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