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After weeks, well, a month, a new version for OZ is here. New content and fixes.

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Finally! A new version of Overzealous! Better, BIGGER, stronger! Version 1.1.2 is here, with many fixes, a new weapon, and more! Download now, for a better, more OVERZEALOUS experience of DOOM 3!


0. Reduced file size for faster download and extraction speeds.

1. Increased Sabaoth boss health to 2400, since it was too easy to kill. His BFG round moves faster, but because of this, it has less time to deal bolt damage to the player, and deals less damage when exploding without nerfing the player's BFG.

2. New Pistol and Machinegun firing sounds. Now sound beefier without being too loud.

3. Removed the buggy custom Shotgun texture.

4. Added new weapon, the Auto Shotgun. This powerful weapon can be found in Mars City Admin when you start and in Delta 5 after you come back from Hell. It has a 20-round mag, is full-auto, and fires plasma bolts. It has high spread to prevent it from dealing too much damage, but fires 10 pellets and has 8 damage per pellet.

5. New loading bar, new launch screen, so when you boot up the mod, it will show that you are playing Overzealous, and new loading screen for the Hell level.

6. Unmaker has been optimized to no longer drop frame rates when fired. Imp fire balls fired from it are now somewhat visible. Now actually has starting grenade ammo when first picked up.

7. Theresa Chasar now has a more vibrant blue dress, instead of the dull color she wore.

8. New menu music. Disturbed's song "Down With the Sickness, Instrumental"

To install, it is the same as usual. Download this file, and completely delete your old Overzealous folder in your Doom 3 directory and replace it with this new version.


Sgtzpp33 - Me. The creator of this mod.

dylux35 - The creator of the zz_double barrel shotgun PK4 files that I used as the base for the Unmaker. Without his mod, the Unmaker wouldn't be in this mod.

Infinity Ward for new Pistol firing sound from Modern Warfare Remastered.

BLOODRAYNE, for his railgun model from the Ultimate mod.

Disturbed, the metal band, for the menu music.

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