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The new version of the Unofficial Patch has been released! This is more of a technical update, it most importantly includes an upgrade to the new generation Engine Overhaul Project, which allows use to include many features impossible in Medieval 2 before! Various bugfixes and balancing included as usually. As there has been many little (and bigger) updates over a time, I thought I shall also summarize the main features of the mod in a new article, as lot of people might miss them otherwise...

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Version 2.0.4. of the Unofficial Patch for the Elder Scrolls has been released!

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Thanks to Engine Overhaul Project, it includes many new features, impossible before in Medieval 2. You can download it HERE. You can also find the most recent changelog in the thread. In this article I mainly aim to give a general overview/preview of the mod, as there has been many little releases recently, so it might not be obvious at first glance, what are the main features of the mod.

Overview of the Mod Features - Preview

The mod enhances gaming experience of the original The Elder Scrolls:Total War mod in many ways, either by overhauling the original content, but mainly by adding brand new content.

Factions and Campaigns

- The mod adds 5 fully fleshed out new factions (Kingdom of Evermore, Kingdom of Sharnhelm, Hold of Haafingar, Kingdom of Cyrodiil, Council of Thalmor) and 4 unplayable factions (Clans of The Reach, Akaviri Invaders, Maormer Invaders and Dungeon faction), while many of the original factions were largely redesigned or repurposed. Some faction are emergent, horde or shadowing.

- The mod also adds several new campaigns in Second, Third and Fourth Era, allowing a player to experience many events from Elder Scrolls lore. The campaigns are however not just different starting positions, but also provide different events and campaign style (undeveloped vs developed, ...).

- The campaign map was redesigned at some locations, and some new locations were added, such as the Daedric Planes, where you can traval via Oblivion gates. Some parts of the map also differ across the span of the campaigns.

Coldharbour, Daedric plane of Molag Bal

Some redesigned parts of the map

- The AI, recruitment, difficulty completely overhauled

Units and Models

- Dozens of new units added, as well as even more reskins for the original units (to create more factional variants mostly), such as dragons. Various other models added, including custom settlements.

Evermore units and new units for orsimer

Sharnhelm Highlanders

Imperial reskinsValenwood vs Cyrodiil

Haafingar and Eastmarch reskins

Summerset Kingdom reskins

Fighters Guild reskins

Breton reskins

Mages Guild new units

Improved battle effects

Ayleid Guardians

Dragon vs dovahkiin

and many more...

Lore Guilds, Missions and Dungeons

- the Medieval vanilla system of guilds and missions was completey redesigned, all generic missions and guilds were removed, and now all factions use splendid amount of lore guilds and mission, such as quests from Dunmer Slavers or Knight Orders!

- Lot of modding research went into this, and for example it is now possible to view your standing with each guild in your settlements, which was entirely impossible in Medieval 2 before!

- Many dungeons were added into game, for players to explore, find artifacts and receive rewards from some of the guilds! The dungeons also use detailed custom strat and battle models of its own.

Events and other lore features

- Huge amount of lore traits and ancillaries added into the game, as well as mechanics and scripts tied to it. Apart from all the artifacts, racial or brithsign traits, your characters can for example also be infected with vampirism or lycantrophy (by fighting vampires, werewolves, undead and alike). And if for example your faction leader becomes a vampire, you can choose to create a vampire kingdon in Tamriel, rallying all the vampire clans to you, as well being able to access the vampire roster... but your relations with other factions would naturally suffer... There is also similar event for joining the Worm Cult, once you build up the Cult of Black Worm guild to max level... afterwards you receive army from Mannimarco, and you will be allowed to access the undead roster as well...

- Alchemy crafting is now possible (thanks to Engine Overhaul Project), there many ingredients and potions. Furthermore, the bonuses the potions provide scale with your character's alchemy skill.

- Oblivion Gate travel is possible as well, thanks to Engine Overhaul Project

- If you are a necromancer, you can raise the executed enemies after battle as undead!

- Some vanilla natural disasters were repurposed for lore purposes, such as Dragon Raids

- Ashlanders camps (fors) now serve as minor settlements,where you can recruit units

- and many more interesting features. To see the full changelog, see the 2.0 version release article or the Guide to the features of the mod.

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